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customer's voice

Female TA in her 30s

The aroma was prepared according to my mood and physical condition, and I was able to receive it with confidence because I had a lot of knowledge and allergies! The massage was also very pleasant! The sweets after the end were delicious again, and I was surprised twice when I heard that they were handmade (laughs). Thank you again next week!

Female in her 30s YR

It was very polite from the beginning to the end, and I was able to sweat a lot, which made me feel good!

When I heard something I didn't understand, he answered immediately and I was relieved!

After that, I was surprised that my legs became thinner than my own legs!

Female NN in her 30s

I couldn't bear the neck pain, and every morning I had a pain like numbing to the back, so I went to manipulative treatment, but it didn't heal at all and I rushed to AROMA FORMA with a feeling of rushing.

Before giving birth, I worked for an advertising agency, so I went to more than 200 healing salons because of my occupation.

I had the pain removed and I really cried after the procedure.

I didn't expect the pain to be so bad, so I was afraid to wake up every morning, it was painful, and I slept every day with a prayerful feeling.

Chihiro gently snuggled up to that feeling and touched each bone one by one to make adjustments.

In most cases, esthetics have a strong beauty element and skeletal correction is not the main relaxation. You can be beautiful while being healed. Pain can also be improved.

With just one treatment, the buried clavicle came out and the neck that did not turn came to turn.

The pelvis was also trimmed, so the waist was clearly shaped.

You can see for yourself. Until now, I couldn't heal even if I walked around with manipulative treatment, skeletal correction, acupuncture and moxibustion, and stretched every day at home, so I am deeply grateful to have such a dream-like salon in Nishi-oi.

Female in her 40s Satake

Thanks to you, I was completely refreshed, motivated to study, took the exam the next day, and passed the exam safely!

Thank you very much for your energy and courage ♪

Female TS in her 40s

Thank you for everything today! For me, I was impressed with everything.

I will come back again!

Female SH in her 40s

You may not have laughed so much at the salon (laughs), but it was very comfortable to be able to do it quietly and slowly! thank you!

The bone adjustment and massage were very pleasant!

The location was a little difficult to understand, but he came to pick me up! But I wonder if it's better not to be too crowded ♫ Also, I'm looking forward to the next time!

Female in her 50s  IH

I went to another major salon for about a year. When I heard that a home salon was built nearby, I was honestly thinking that it was a home salon. (I'm sorry ...) When I went inside, I felt the atmosphere like a luxury salon and the treatment even more! I am very satisfied with the emphasis on what I care about! Thank you again!

Female in her 50s Mr. Nakano

I saw the leaflets, but I was surprised that they were more authentic than I expected! He has a lot of knowledge, and he massaged me while telling me what my body is doing now, and I found out what to improve. It was very good! Be careful of your breathing and posture!

Female in her 70s KK

I was relieved to hear from him so as not to overdo it.

Until now, I couldn't get up quickly, but after that, my lower back pain was alleviated and I got up immediately.

I received exercises and advice that I could do at home, and decided to do my best to improve my constitution.

Female HN in her 80s

It's different from manipulative treatment, it doesn't hurt, and it feels new!

Even grandmothers can change this much at once! Thank you for your grandchildren's wedding.

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