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Aroma Forma is a partner store of Dr. Recella.

The face that appears 365 days a year. Have you given up on that problem? ??

I tried using various cosmetics and going through beauty treatment salons, but I didn't get the results I expected ...

For those who are suffering from such skin troubles and aging skin, I would like you to try Dr. Resera.

What makes Doctor Resera different from general cosmetics?

他社とリセラの違い イメージ.png

If I could make cosmetics that would produce results using only those that are good for the skin ...

I who think so is, met looking around the world, the old days of far two thousand years was beautiful than the Earth is now, flows into the rain poured down is to the depths of the sea, rich mineral On the sea of the world It is the deep sea water of Okinawa with the above, and "aGri-X" made based on it.

With the mysterious power of this water, we have succeeded in developing cosmetics made with only ingredients that are useful for the skin.

It effectively supports the "reborn power" that the skin originally has.


Purchase of Doctor Resera products

We are preparing to purchase Dr. Ricera products on the Internet.

If you need it immediately, please contact us by email or phone.

Doctor Resera Purchase Form (in preparation)
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