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Thank you for visiting the Aroma Forma homepage.

This salon is a completely private room where you can do "female only" and "skeletal adjustment x aroma lymphatic treatment", about a 5-minute walk from Nishi-oi Station.

By improving your constitution, we will fundamentally review the repeated problems and help you to spend your time with a smile from the bottom of your heart.

We look forward to seeing you at our small hideaway salon, which is full of gentle light.

Aroma form for healthy beauty and life

Please help us.

Owner therapist


[Eligibility for acquisition]
AEAJ Certified Aromatherapy Advisor Completed AEAJ Certified Facial CourseAEA Certified Advanced Certified Esthetician Pelvic Spine Adjustment Course Completion Medicinal Food Advisor

Chihiro Iwasaki (IWASAKI CHIHIRO)

After graduating from university, worked as an office lady for several years. I was spending days when I was not feeling well both physically and mentally due to cold and stress. At that time, I received an aroma treatment and felt the comfort and lightness of my body that I had never felt before when I encountered aromatherapy.

After getting married and experiencing pregnancy and childbirth, I felt various changes in my mind and body, and my challenge was how to solve my worries in an environment where I couldn't use medicine.
We investigated essential oils that can be expected to be effective for each symptom such as coldness, swelling, morning sickness, and headache, and as we dealt with them, the symptom gradually improved.

Became an aroma therapist and beautician, and when the number of treatments exceeded about 1000 at a major salon, he developed low back pain.
Every day I get back soon even if I get it solved by lymphatic massage.
At that time, I encountered pelvic spine adjustment and skeletal adjustment.
No matter how much I understood, I learned that when the skeleton is bent, blood vessels and lymph vessels are also bent and do not flow well, and when the skeleton is in order, it is mentally and physically stable.
This time I am! Beautiful from the bones to the body and mind of women! with vigor! I really wanted to support you, so I opened a pelvic spine adjustment ✖ aroma treatment salon.


Busy every day. Please try it once to improve your constitution and as a reward for yourself.



Aroma Forma is a women-only maintenance beauty salon that is healthy, beautiful, and allows you to live with a smile every day.

Today's women live hard every day in the midst of housework, childcare, work and daily stress and tiredness, and they have various problems.

In particular, it is easy to leave unpleasant symptoms that are not enough to go to the hospital.

Also, even if you intend to take care of your body on a regular basis, there is a limit to your own self-care.

At Aroma Forma, we take the time to carefully listen to each customer's problems and concerns, and find out the root cause of their poor physical condition.

I want to be healthier! I want to be more beautiful! We will perform the treatment according to the customer's request with all our heart.It leads to the maintenance and improvement of beauty and health.


About the treatment

① Why is skeletal adjustment necessary?

◎ The pelvic spine, which is said to affect the entire body.

Returning the pelvic spine to the correct position restores twisted blood vessels and lymph vessels to their normal state. By creating an environment in which waste products flow correctly at the beginning of the procedure, it can be expected to improve coldness and increase the efficacy of lymphatic treatment.

In addition, the pelvic spine is aligned and the autonomic nerves are aligned., You can expect to get rid of frustration and improve your concentration.

(In the long course, not only the pelvis adjustment but also the skeleton of the whole body is adjusted)

(2) Treatment centered on lymphatic treatment that promotes excretion of toxins in the body

◎ Waste products are always flowing in the lymph. If this flow is stagnant, it will cause various physical and mental disorders. In order to improve the disorder, we will follow the route and acupuncture points correctly and perform aroma lymphatic treatment that does not hurt to promote blood circulation, improve immune function, etc. and balance the whole body.

By adjusting the flow of lymph, it promotes blood circulation promotion, improvement of immune function, etc., and leads to improvement of various physical disorders. In addition, it can be expected to improve wrinkles, swelling, and sagging of the face, which is considered to be one of the causes of stagnant blood and lymph.

Does lymphatic massage hurt?

Lymphatic massage hurts! Isn't there a lot of people who think that?

There are various ways of thinking, but lymphatic massage does not hurt by nature.

It is said that lymphatic flow can be promoted simply by massaging with a gentle stroking strength.


* If you massage with strong force or push it tightly, you may hurt your muscles, damage blood vessels and lymph vessels and swell, and the blood and lymph flow may worsen, so you may have to do it yourself. Please be careful when you are massaged.

Lymphatic function

Lymph is roughly divided into the following functions to maintain a healthy body.


① Immune function

② Collection of waste products

③ Moisture recovery

① Immune function

Lymphatic vessels that stretch throughout the body like blood. The place where these lymph vessels gather is called the lymph node.

The lymph nodes have a filtering function and flow through the lymph vessels.Bacteria and viruses are filtered through the lymph nodes to prevent them from spreading throughout the body.

② Collection of waste products

Our body is made up of a huge number of cells, about 37 trillion.

Each cell in the body has an expiration date, and it is necessary to replace old cells with new cells. This series of functions is called metabolism.

Old cells and excess fat become waste products, and if you do not eliminate these waste products, the function of the cells will deteriorate and it will cause you to feel unwell.

Blood also has the role of collecting waste products, but the waste products that cannot be collected by blood are collected by lymph and excreted to the outside.

③ Moisture recovery

Excess water in the body returns to the capillaries (veins), and the lymph collects waste products that cannot be collected even by the capillaries. Excreting excess water helps reduce swelling.

③ Oil treatment works on the mind and body

Is Aroma Lymphatic Treatment Only Healing?

In addition to healing, essential oils and carrier oils that dilute essential oils have great benefits.

With the help of plants, while absorbing the ingredients into the body through the skin, by utilizing the odor stimulating action of the scent, it has a relaxing effect and works on the command organs of the heart and brain, and the cells and organs become normal. It encourages you to move.

Those who want to improve the above-mentioned problems, those who want to lose weight beautifully, those who can no longer take care of themselves even if they do their best, and those who can take care of themselves at home will also be lectured firmly and want to be like this! ofWe will do our best to support you.

At Aroma Forma, we select from about 30 types of essential oils manufactured by "Florial" in France according to your needs, physical condition, and mood.

In addition, we use white sesame oil, which is expected to excrete toxins in the body.

Both oils and essential oils are pesticide-free, so they are safe and secure.

Please note that the type of oil may change depending on your physical condition and skin condition.

If you have any concerns such as allergies, please feel free to contact us.

What lean not be ... in such a you!

What is cavitation?

Also called inseparable liposuction, it is a slimming device that destroys the fat cell membrane and reduces the fat cells themselves by irradiating the fat cells with special ultrasonic waves.

Until now, it was said that fat cells could be reduced only by liposuction, but it is said that cavitation slimming equipment has made it possible to reduce fat with less pain and risk like liposuction. increase.

◆ The following people will refrain from cavitation.

〇Persons using medical electronic devices (pacemakers, etc.)

〇People with heart disease

〇People with skin diseases

〇People with blood vessel diseases

〇 Those who are pregnant

〇 Those who are prescribed diabetes or its medicine

〇For malignant tumors

〇 If you are being treated by a doctor, we will perform the treatment after consulting with your doctor.


Commitment and hospitality


❁ 1 therapist, 1 bed, about 5 minutes walk from Nishi-oi station in Shinagawa-ku

It is a private salon exclusively for women and requires reservations.

An important time only for you to face your own body.

A small but calm space that is not disturbed by anyone.

Please spend your time slowly without worrying about your time.

Hair dryers, toners, etc. are available in the make-up space.

If you need it, please bring your make-up tools.

❁ The pelvis in the center of the body affects the whole body, so put the pelvis in the correct position.

After making adjustments to return, perform the treatment.

By returning the pelvis to the correct position, the lymph vessels and blood vessels that have been twisted or crushed will return to their normal state, improving circulation.

In addition, lymphatic treatment directly from a long-established salon improves blood and lymph flow, improves coldness, and raises basal metabolism, leading to improvement of constitution.

By passing through the meridians and acupuncture points, you can expect to strengthen the internal organs.


❁ From the head to the tip of the foot, "healthy and beautiful for the rest of your life"

We will help you build your body.

Based on oriental medicine, by lymphatic treatment through routes and acupoints

Not only does it feel good, it also restores the beauty of the mind and body.

❁ The carrier oil applied to the body cleanses blood vessels and lymph vessels.

White sesame oil (white sesame oil), which is said to have a high effect of excreting toxins and warming the body.

use. It is safe and secure because it is pesticide-free.

The essential oil used is the pesticide-free French essential oil "Florihana".

Select from about 30 types according to your mood and physical condition.

We will treat you with all your heart.

(* We will ask you about allergies, so please feel free to contact us.)



❁ For facial care, we use Dr. Recella's products.

It is completely additive-free and expands the possibilities of the skin environment each time it is used, wrapping the skin moisturized.

From babies to adults based on αGri-X, which is attracting attention in the medical field

Using items created to satisfy everyone,

We will perform the treatment according to your skin condition.

❁ For careful counseling to the body and mind and time to warm the body, etc.

It may take about 30 minutes to 1 hour plus the treatment time.

If you do not have time, please contact us.

❁ After the treatment, drinks that match your body and season

We offer petit sweets.

Please spend a blissful time both physically and mentally.


❁ Organic oils and essential oils used,

In addition, you can purchase all cosmetics.

If you have something you like, please feel free to tell us.

If it is out of stock, it can be ordered or mailed.

* Please be assured that there are no unreasonable solicitations.

❁ As home care, review diet, exercise, lifestyle, etc. necessary for the body

While talking to customers, we will provide care that can be done within a reasonable range.

I will tell you.

"Healthier and more beautiful"

We will strive to make improvements from the ground up.

Let's work hard together!


What is Doctor Resera?


Aroma Forma is a partner store of Dr. Recella.

We propose skin-beautifying menus tailored to each individual's skin and provide accurate advice and care at the salon.
We support our customers both physically and mentally.

Click here for details on Dr. Ricera.



OPEN  10:00 --18:00

TEL   090-9856-7905  (Available in English)

ADDRESS Nishioi, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

Since it is a private salon, the detailed address is not disclosed. After confirming your reservation, we will inform you of the detailed address.




JR Yokosuka Line / Shonan Shinjuku Line Nishioi Station

◎ 5 minutes walk from JR Nishi-Oi Station ◎ 15 minutes walk from JR Omori Station ◎ JR Keihin Tohoku Line / Tokyu Oimachi Line / Oimachi Station # 05 Take the bus bound for Nishi-Oi Station and get off at Nishi-Oi 2-chome. 2 minutes on foot

◆ Aroma Forma does not provide medical services such as acupuncture and moxibustion massage.

◆ Since you cannot answer the phone during the procedure, please contact us using the inquiry form or email.

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